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  • Cover Story:
    Talking About, Talking With Kashmir
    Now that convulsions on Kashmir’s streets have subsided, the Centre makes a careful bid for talks, appointing Dineshwar Sharma as interlocutor. Too late in the day, say detractors; from a position of strength, says the government. But for talks to bear fruit, all stakeholders have to be engaged, backed by flexibility from Delhi.
    Pranay Sharma
  • Cover Story:
    Taking It Beyond Wazwaan
    To the PDP, the ex-IB chief’s appointment as interlocutor is a chance to reconnect with the people. But the mainstream opposition and the separatists are not enthused.
    Naseer Ganai
  • Demo Effect:
    The Cash Demonetisation Economy
    A year on, the bluff has been called on the stated objectivesof demonetisation, especially tackling black money. A few grains of positives cannot stand up to the wrecking ball it took to the Indian economy.
    Arindam Mukherjee
  • Campaign Pitch:
    Three-Legged Rebellion
    After 22 years of BJP, there’s a generation in Gujarat that hasn’t seen anything else. But are the dissenters strong enough—and cohesive?
    Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
  • Campaign Pitch:
    On Home Turf, A Party That Can’t ­Afford To Lose
    With an eye on 2019 and Modi again as ­mascot, the BJP’s readying to do all it takes to keep Gujarat
    Bhavna Vij-Aurora
Tamil Syncretism: A Rosary Of Rudraksha Beads
There exists a blur in the Tamil Christian identity. That is to...
G.C. Shekhar
Stop Match: On A Board: No Permit To Rebels
The BCCI is stamping out unauthorised T20 leagues through...
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
First Touch: A Winning Plot Of Fresh Frames
The new breed of Bollywood directors shows ­promise by giving the...
Giridhar Jha
Kanishka Tribulations: Flotsam In The Fog Of...
Canada’s so-called liberal edifice is built on the debris of AI...
Demo Effect: Modinomics 2.0
The government looks set to change tack and spend more to boost growth
Zia Haq
Demo Effect: Cascading Misery
The domino-like latecomer effects of demonetisation...
Lola Nayar
West Bengal: Tea Tales
Tea-time is a splendid affair at Margaret's Deck in Kurseong
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Hot Lists:
The hottest travel ideas for the new year
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